Help Yourself

by Crater Shout

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released February 7, 2015

Crater Shout is
Simon Rollins- Drums
Mitch Gosselin- Guitar, vocals
Kyle Cumiskey- Bass

Recorded/Mixed by Tyler Kochan
Artwork and dog by Tyler Ryan

Recorded in Raynham, Massachusetts in December 2014
Music by Crater Shout, songs by Mitch Gosselin

Thanks to Nick Goedecke, Lindsay Waller, Quinn Farwell



all rights reserved


Crater Shout Portland, Maine

We're an indie rock band from Portland, Maine formed by Simon and Mitch.

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Track Name: Boomer
Hey, I'm on the train again
The train of thought that never ends
Forget about all your friends
Some of them it all depends

Yay, I've peaked to my surprise
Look at these giant eyes
It's safe to say they're on the prize
But my head utters out these cries

So help yourself
Whatever's left on the shelf
And help yourself
Whatever's left in your mouth
Track Name: Halfstard
I'm such a bastard
I don't know what I'm after
But I'll be looking around noon

But now it's midnight
And I'm not alright
I'm as full as the crescent moon

One mississippi and
Two mississippi
I'm still waiting for you

I'll be the big spoon
I think I want to eat you
You know I'll never be full

I take in anything
I don't mean everything
Track Name: Brainholes
I'm not thinking right
About the things last night
But that's the way it goes
Time gives my brain holes

The girl that I called she
Do you remember me
'cause I remember you
I remember you

It's time to give my brain holes
Track Name: Abyss
I'm leaving my last call
You're gonna need it when you fall
Into the deep abyss below
Into the deep abyss alone

Hey, I'm really not intended for this kind of style
Say, what is all this really for, am I okay
Wait, give everything away

I'm caring awful hard
I'm feeling like a tard
I'm feeling slow slow slow slow
I'm feeling slow slow slow slow

Great, we're getting cured to die again of something worse
Say, what is all this really for am I okay
Wait, give everything away
Track Name: Truly
Knock, knock every way
I've closed better days
When we worked for A's, gone

Lost but that's okay
Who is next to say
I'm eternally wrong

(At least in my way)
(In every single way)
You are truly gone
Track Name: Near (And Dear)
I found myself above the ground
Below the stars where I have found
My home

'Cause I'm not near and I'm not far
When driving in my half-dead car
I go

When everything near and everything dear is gone
Waiting for sunrise, sundown seems too long

I'm feeling up, I'm feeling down
From listening to my own sounds
Those notes

Cause' I lost myself above the ground
Below the stars where I have found
My home

When everything here is everything clear, I'm done
There's no waiting for sunlight, sundown, both will come